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Hot Sale 14 Cubic Meters Durable Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck
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Product: Views:435Hot Sale 14 Cubic Meters Durable Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck 
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Last updated: 2018-01-17 21:34

Hot Sale 14 Cubic  Meters durable  mobile Concrete Mixer Truck

Mobile mixer is a combination of existing coagulant truck and mixing station functions in one of the coagulation equipment. Can be on-site construction operations, greatly improving the production efficiency and reduce production time and cost. Which will lead to a huge change in the concrete industry. Simply provide cement, sand, stones and other raw materials, the remaining to the flow of concrete mixer. The main part of the surface only hardening, powder tank and ingredients are steel structure base, the basic steel frame are locked, can be a piece of disassembly transfer. The main car with the trailer design, in accordance with the trailer standard design, with a wheel taillights, etc., can be high speed. Temporary temporary construction intermittent period, the overall temporary, a very small footprint, no need to worry about parts loss and damage. Environmental protection and high-end machine full environmental design, built-in "pulse dust collector", effectively reduce the dust emissions, the main equipment package, green. It is based on the unique hinge type hydraulic shovel, can easily and accurately loaded ingredients; bucket built-in blade can automatically cut open the cement bag to avoid waste of raw materials; all ingredients from the bucket on the smooth and fast into the mixing cylinder. At the time of discharge, the operator tilted the concrete at a height of 2 m around the vehicle by means of a 270 ° rotary mixing bucket.


14 Cubic meters (18.31 cubic yards)/hour

110 cubic meters (143.87 cubic yards)/day


Feature description

● Automatic mixing

Aggregate and cement into the mixing tank, the water tank can be perfectly mixed. Special 4mm "T" type idling twin screw to ensure the quality of mixing and concrete quality (if necessary, can be equipped with electronic weighing system) stirring speed, a bucket material, one minute, at any time mixing, walking can be stirred, After the completion of the machine can be directly to discharge to the ground, the process can be carried out during the mixing.

● Automatic feeding system

It can easily and accurately loaded ingredients based on the unique hinge hydraulic shovel; bucket built-in blade can automatically cut cement bags to avoid waste of raw materials; all ingredients can smoothly and fastly into the mixing tube from the bucket. Alternative to the traditional loader feeding method, saving the cost of buying the loader. Reduce environmental pollution, can maximize the use of the material area, feeding time faster, more accurate feeding accuracy.

● Automatic discharge system

This loading concrete mixer is based on the principle of movement, when the discharge can be moved everywhere, the tank can be rotated 180 degrees, where the need to unload where convenient and quick, with sub-bracket, tank can lift, unloading simple.

● Easy to move

Can be suitable for any site delivery. Four-wheel hydraulic drive and a good configuration, so that it can slope on the 30% crawl with fully loaded.

● comfortable operating environment

Equipped with a equipped cab, a simple operation design, with the ergonomic design of the operating lever, the operator can immediately familiar with all the major operations. The addition of air conditioning system can achieve high temperature work under the environment. .